The culture code

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  • How do people think and how do they do
  • things in their proximate environment
  • How to communicate belonging cues for
  • creating a safe place within an
  • international context
  • How to translate performance feedback
  • into: We have high standards as an
  • international team
  • The big-picture perspective in teams:
  • Why life is bigger than just work
  • The meaning of culture:
  • climate, norms, symbols, behaviours,
  • metaphors, stories and language, heroes
  • and organisational architecture
  • A comparison between Hofstede's and
  • Trompenaars' cultural dimensions with a
  • practical analysis and application
  • Artefacts: visible structures and
  • processes
  • Espoused values: strategies, goals,
  • philosophies
  • Underlying assumptions: unconscious,
  • taken for granted beliefs, perceptions,
  • thoughts and feelings
  • Be careful: being risk-averse, indecisive,
  • selfish and egocentric is not a
  • prerequisite for building international
  • teams
  • How to build a strong belonging within
  • international teams by establishing
  • character traits of toughness,
  • unselfishness and humbleness
  • Building intercultural relationships -
  • rapport building
  • Communicating clearly -
  • good and bad news
  • Managing conversation styles -
  • turn taking
  • Clarifying meaning when listening
  • Listening effectively by analysing the
  • purpose and values
  • Exploring interests before entering the
  • bargaining zone
  • Negotiating interests rather than
  • positions
  • Influencing ethically by using principles
  • available to all
  • Networking across cultures
  • Working in international teams
  • Managing diversity and creativity
  • of teams
  • Getting the best out of an
  • international team
  • Giving and responding to team feedback
  • Reviewing problem-solving techniques
  • by considering intercultural issues
  • Managing and dealing with conflict
  • without ending up in a deadlock
  • Big-picture perspective
  • The cultural codes for work and money,
  • quality and perfection and Europeans in
  • other cultures

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an:

  • team members
  • managers
  • executives with egalitarian and meritocratic values. Everyone who is willing to be challenged in their belief system as well as learning from others will benefit greatly from the experiences during the seminar.

The goal is to understand why it is natural to be culturally biased and how to find a strategy to be both different and similar at the same time. Are we driven by facts or myths?

History has shown us that we are driven by our natural and cultural biases. For example, belonging is an intrinsic principle or a code which is hard wired in our brains. This leads to the concept of Us versus Them. Ultimately, this is then translated into our identity and we become an individual. However, we have divided our identity into collectivism and individualism, the latter may not be compatible with the former one. As Hofstede has put it: Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the member of a group from another.

Ihre Referenten:
  • Interaktiven Präsenzunterricht mit praxiserfahrenen und zertifizierten Trainern
  • Kurssprache ist Deutsch
  • Seminar in englischer Kurssprache auf Anfrage
  • Lernen an Einzelarbeitsplätzen in modernen Schulungsräumen
  • Theoretische und praktische Module
  • Umfangreiches Catering mit Frühstück, einem warmen Mittagessen, diversen Kaltgetränken, mehreren Tee- und Kaffeesorten, Obst und kleinen Snacks für die Pausen
  • Diese Veranstaltung wird von unserem Kooperationspartner FORUM Institut für Management GmbH durchgeführt.

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